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NovoGeek 2.010

2010 has proved to be a very successful year in my career-personally and professionally, giving me lots of good experiences. Though I write only technical articles in my blog, I thought to go a bit offline and write a more personal article towards the end of this great year, sort of introspection. Hence the version NovoGeek 2.010 [something like web 2.0 ;)]

Technically, I had an awesome experience working on jQuery + ASP.NET, which gave me a very good understanding of the web. My online and in-person contributions to Microsoft developer community fetched me Microsoft MVP award, which is a very good motivation and milestone for any .NET developer. I have used twitter to the best, learning and sharing lots of tech stuff.

After my stint with jQuery for a long time, I have moved to Future Web Research Lab, SETLabs (R&D wing of Infosys), which does cutting edge research on web technologies. Our team develops patented products/platforms in the areas of Augmented Reality, Web accessibility and Social networks. I have ample freedom here, working on areas of my interest.  Unlike my previous work, I'm encouraged and sponsored to attend International conferences, where I can interact with professors/researchers and present technical/research papers. I have attended BASNA 2010 this month and would be attending ICDCN 2011, Mobile India 2011 and may be more. Have to start presenting research papers in 2011. All I can see is I'm grooming to the next version of myself :)

Personally, 2010 also took my non-technical passions to a peak level. Playing Chess with Viswanathan Anand, the current World Chess Champion, in a simultaneous match is a dream come true!! I've learnt the art of Yoga and practiced it so rigorously that I could perform advanced asanas with ease. Yoga & meditation brought a very positive change in me-physical fitness, concentration, philosophy and more. I read lot more books this year and started building my small sweet library. Had awesome time with great mentors, friends, well wishers and books. Can't hope for something better than this :) 

Having exciting plans for 2011, from upgrading my blog to specializing in certain areas & socializing more. Hope 2011 turns out to be brighter for me and you as well.

Happy New Year wishes in advance and happy programming Smile

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  • Sandhya

    12/30/2010 12:30:01 PM |

    Good Work, Hope 2011 doubles your thirst for technical excellence. All the Best Smile

  • NovoGeek

    12/30/2010 10:18:19 PM |

    Thanks a lot for the wishes & support madam! Yeah, hoping the same Smile

  • Thejesh GN

    1/18/2011 1:44:47 PM |

    Good to know. Congrats. Have a great year.

  • NovoGeek

    2/3/2011 10:23:28 AM |

    Thanks a lot Thej Smile People like u constantly keep me going Smile

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