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Restructured my site Moved my technical blog from to the root. Created a new subdomain - Labs.NovoGeek.Net for my little experiments. Placed only few important demos as of now. Will slowly move all my silly/stupid code snippets there :)

Update(11th May, 2009): Purchased the domain "". It was parked by someone till recently and I could get it last night :)
Configured Domain Forwarding to So all existing URL's to will work the same with :) 

 Update(24th May, 2009): Redirected my .net domain to .com domain. Now my site's actual address is :)

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  • NovoGeek

    5/10/2009 2:56:50 PM |

    thnx Thej. In a way, ur blog is a good motivation point for mine. Wish to see your suggestions for enhancements.

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