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Integrating Social Networks with ASP.NET-Virtual Tech Days 2010

Happy to say that I have presented at Virtual Tech Days 2010 on "Integrating Social Networks with ASP.NET" in Developer's Track. It was a 3 day online technical event (Nov 22-24, 2010) with ~75 sessions from 55 Industry experts on Microsoft technologies.

My presentation: Click here

Demos: Click here

The sessions were scheduled for Developer and IT Pro folks, spanning over Web Development, Windows Client Development,  Database and BI Development, Windows Client, Online Services, Security, Rich Web Experiences, SharePoint 2010, Windows Azure, Datacenter, Database Administration, Interopirability with Microsoft Technologies and Hands On Labs. In case you missed the event online, you can download the presentations and videos from the site shortly. 

Though I could not meet developers in person, I enjoyed presenting a demo filled session, which I hope would be useful for developers to start off with social networking APIs in their ASP.NET websites. If you couldn't get a chance to ask questions during the session, you can always tweet me.

So what next? Microsoft Community Tech Days is coming on December 18th, 2010. Venue is Microsoft Hyd campus. I've seen lots of hot topics being prepared by community folks! Dont miss it!!

Happy programming :)  

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