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TechEd on the road-new features in ECMAScript 5

Happy to say that today I have presented at "TechEd on the road", a developer conference at Microsoft Hyderabad, on "JavaScript APIs and enhancements in ECMAScript 5". It is one of the premier tech events, organized by Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH) with audience in both developer and IT Pro tracks.


As in most of my sessions, I tried to use web based presentation instead of traditional power point. I developed my presentation using HTML5, jQuery and leveraged the new features of ECMAScript5, just to showcase a real time demo.  The response of the audience and fellow speakers was very cool and probably the presentation was worth the effort :)


Presentation & Demo: Click here


Note that you need ECMAScript5 supported browser to run the slide show. You will get a prompt if your browser doesn’t support ES5. Run it in full screen and use 'right', 'left' keyboard keys to navigate.


For the presentation, I have checked several existing solutions like S5, HTML5rocks slides etc., but I wanted inline code snippets as demos . So wrote my own slide show system and it came out well. Probably, I shall write another article on how I have developed it.


Have thoughts of generalizing this web based slide show and releasing it on github/codeplex. Play with the presentation and get back with your thoughts :)

Update: You can check about the proceedings and pictures of the event in my friend Phani's blog.

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  • Ankit Kashyap

    5/22/2011 11:23:19 PM |

    The idea of using IE for presentation itself was more than a learning and take-away from the session Smile

  • NovoGeek

    5/24/2011 11:45:20 AM |

    @Ankit: Nice that you liked it Smile It is fun to play around such stuff ;)

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