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Rock On with JQuery & JayRock!!

I was telling in one of my previous blogs regarding mashups. Since then, I have been working on AJAX related stuff in my free time[ @ office also? :-) ]. As I told you, I was very much impressed by Omar Al Zabir's site. I was lucky enough to get a copy of his book and read it for few days. I can say that it is the best technical book I ever read :) It explains things very clearly provided you have the interest and patience and good knowledge of C#. As I was reading that, my guru @ office [Mr.Praveen Reddy, Technical Architect] showed me the power of JQuery. He already built an excellent mashup(like pageflakes) in our intranet. JQuery is simply WoW!! You can see some of the demos of JQuery here. He also told me how JayRock can be used to call ASP.NET server side methods through javascript using JSON as the wire format and JSON-RPC as the procedure invocation protocol. What more can i say? Immediately applied leave today to work on this!! Am enjoying it a lot!!! Will post more on my experiments very soon..

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