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Reading RSS feeds in ASP.NET

I was trying to build a nice home page for my site and was googling around for web 2.0 sites. Suddenly, I landed on and then on I then thought of building a mashup start page.So, tried to understand how Microsoft Popfly (an online mashup creator) works. Though its a excellent product, I thought of trying my own code.Tried for RSS readers in ASP.NET and landed on 4Guys4mRolla (very good article) and finally on Code Project .(It's a complete article. So no need to explain it here). It's all about an RSS toolkit which can be added to Visual StudioToolbox.This excellent ASP.NET custom control(which made life easy) can be downloaded from CodePlex.

Any one interested in learning about mashups, have a quick overview of these links without wasting much time!

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