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NULL Hyderabad Meet-November 2012

It has been a nice honor to organize NULL Hyderabad Chapter's monthly meet for November 2012 (EventBrite site). The event had good turnaround (imagine ~50 tickets being sold online in about 1.5 hours) and had good speakers.

The first speaker Bipin Upadhyay gave a fantastic overview of HTTP protocol, discussed about RFCs and gave an interactive presentation. He compared the output of WireShark and explained how OSI model can be simplified and taught in colleges. That was fun! The second speaker Srinu gave a good presentation on Malware analysis, covering Stuxnet, Flame, Guass and Duqu. 

Below are the slides shared by the speakers on SlideShare:

The meet was fun with several IT security enthusiasts interacting, sharing their knowledge and expertise. NULL meet takes place every month and you need not be an IT security expert to attend. If you are in IT field, you are very much qualified to attend. Register at for future events.

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