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Facebook Apps Development-DevCon 2010

Happy to say that I have presented at DevCon 2010 on "Facebook Apps Development for web devs" at Microsoft Hyderabad. The event, organized by Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH), had 250+ audience in Developer and IT Pro track! The highlight of the event is the session given by the talented Aaron ... [More]

Inspire the web with just 10K!

That was the caption of the 10K coding challenge hosted by An Event Apart, in association with MIX Online. The challenge is to build a web app in less than 10 KiloBytes. The rules are: Total file size, including images, scripts & markup, can’t be over 10K. Apps should work equally... [More]

Microsoft Virtual Tech Days!

The ultimate opportunity for Developer and ITPro communities to explore the latest offerings @ Microsoft is back! Microsoft is organizing its online technical event, "Virtual Tech Days" from 17th - 19th September, 2008.  Visit the official site ... [More]